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Mover is a tactile tool to help people cultivate a more focused work flow.

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Selfie for 2 packs of Free Memo Refill! (15 Limited Entries)
2 days ago – Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 08:27:46 AM

Selfie for 2 packs of Free Memo Refill!

To Mover Users,

So it has been around 4 months since most of the Kickstarter backers get the Movers on hand!

We hope you enjoy using Movers!

If you like movers and would like to give us a testimonial, we have gifts for you.

2 packs of free Memo Refill in the color of your choice. Yay!

2 packs of memo refill

How to enter?

You can hold your Mover Gear on hand, have a selfie with them and yourself. Upload the picture to the following form.

Rest assure! The picture and testimonial will be put on related website, Facebook, Instagram and video only.

Act now while there is still a spot. The link will close when the limt has been met.

***Selfie for memo refill***

USD Store opened!

So it has come to our concern that many backers want a USD store to have a more intuitive and smooth purchasing experience. (as pointed by voting campaign on Instagram)

So the Backerkit store is now changed to USD!

***Link to the store***

Mover Ambassador Program

If you want to be an ambassador and enter the profit sharing program, please act now!

As mentioned previously, here is the brief introduction for the Mover Ambassador program

“We are planning a profit sharing program.

You will get a 10% of sales revenue attributed to you. We can generate a link for you to be put on your Youtube Video or other media platform if you love using Mover and would like to share it. And if you are interested in reselling Mover, you are also welcome to be our reseller.

Here is a form if you are interested in helping us bring Mover to the world. “

***Click here to register for Ambassador***

We have already generated the links for the first wave of registered people!

Valentine's day mover

We hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!

[Download Your Template!] A secret weapon for all the Bravestormers preparing Valentine's day
15 days ago – Thu, Feb 06, 2020 at 07:27:36 AM

Hi guys,

Valentine’s Day is coming!

Here is a downloadable template for you.

Whether you are going to revive a long time marriage or escape friendzone, you will love it.

To make the following template, we revisited a prestigious and a classic book called “The Five Love Languages”.

The Book was written by Gary Chapman in 1992. It is a classic for anyone who want to be loved or give love.

If you have not read the book, we highly recommed you to get it!


Here is the template.

The Five Love Languages Template

We also made a colorful one.

So, how to use it?

Well, in Mr Chapman's book, he mentioned there are only 5 love languages for all human kind, including "Words of affirmation", "gifts", "Acts of Service", "Quality Time" and "Physical Touch". Out of the five, one must means the most to each particular person.

If a couple gets divorce, it may not mean one doesn't love the other. It may be the case where one has been using a wrong love language all along.

A kid coming from an affluent family may claim his parents don't love him. Maybe his love language is quality time which demands his parents spending time with him.

That is why you may need to figure out what is the most important love language for your loved ones. Then you can express your love in the most effective way.

So here is the suggested step by step.

Let's talk about the first column, "Words of Affirmation"

Words of affirmation is simply praising. It may be a person's outlook, talent, character and achievement.

You name it!

For the Second column, "Gifts", it is obvious.

So choice of gifts may surround "hobbies", "in demand" (something he/she needs). Just write them on a mover. Since it is movable, even if you have a vague idea, you can just move it out or tear it off.

For the Third column, "Acts of Service", think about what you can offer! Maybe your skills or just mere actions.

For the Forth column, "Quality time", it may be "watching movie", "dinner together". Just a chunk of time when you can spend with him/her. Actually, the key thing is the quality. And to achieve this is "conversation" and "listening", most important interaction in human history!

For the "Physical Touch" column, it maybe just "cheek", "a hug" or xxxx. You will get there.

Let's put the Movers on the template and have a picture.

Here goes the fun part, prioritizing and fine-tuning!

Perhaps he/she is a proud one so praising the achievement must come first. Let's move the Mover forward. 

Maybe there is nothing to talk about her character, or it is too hard, let's remove it.

For the Skill, let's finalize it as your "Computer Skill".

For quality time, let's abandon "Movie" and replace it as "hiking" instead since conversation and listening should only come in a quiet and relaxed environment.

For physical touch, maybe "kissing cheek" is weird. Abort!

After that, you can add more things related to what you have writtent down.

Finally, you move the Movers down to the organizer for action!

To download the template, click the below link:

[You asked for an instruction!] Clean your room with 4 movers
22 days ago – Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 02:35:03 PM

A while ago, there were backers saying they only bought the Mover Combo. They do not know what to do with them without the MoverPad and MoverBook.

So here is a friendly instruction to all of the backers on Kickstarter. 

More instruction and tricks of using movers will come. Hold tight!

If you want us to cover other aspects, you can also let us know in the comment session or message us via instagram @bravestorming.

[You insisted and we listened!] Movers in Specific sizes and Shipping Restructure
about 1 month ago – Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 09:29:22 PM

Hi guys,

So it has been 3 months since most of the backers got Mover on hand. We guess you guys may have already got used to what Mover is.

Previously, we did a survey to collect feedbacks on ways to improve the purchasing experience. And now, we are going to improve the purchasing experience in response to your concerns.

Update Summary

Movers in Specific Size

Periodically, we receive emails and messages from backers saying they only want a specific size.    

So we got into action. But planning was needed. And we also wanted to collect more feedback.

And this feedback from the survey really caught our eyes!

And we also looked through the feedback on packaging.

So we ponder, what if we can offer Movers in particular sizes and the packaging can be functional too?

What if you can have a box to store the movers?
Where the finished tasks have a place to rest at?


So we will launch the Mover in particular sizes in storage box package. We believe it will be a functional package for you to store unused mover, refill and also MagDisc.

There are 4 sizes x 7 Color in options.

Movers in Size S
Movers in Size M
Movers in Size L
Movers in Size XL

So, where to purchase them? Same old place currently, the Backerkit Store! 

****Click here***

Mover Combo without MagDisc

Some of the backers also told us they wanted to purchase only the Mover Combo without the MagDisc. So this option has also been added to the shop!

Don't get too excited yet, some extra big news is coming!

Shipping Restructure

As some of the backers are pointing out, the shipping cost was expensive. It was hard to scale up if they wanted extra items.

 Here is how the shipping is calculated in the old method.

Old Shipping Method

We will be changing to "Weight Based Shipping" in the backerkit system. Under such a method, the total weight will be first calculated. Then the shipping cost will show.

Here is an example.

Under the new method, an extra item will not double the shipping cost. 

This rule applies to all other items. This will drastically decrease the cost of shipping compared to the old method. You can buy as many mover as you like without worrying about sudden increase in shipping cost.

Let's grow together!

We are just a small team based in Hong Kong. And we truly believe in people. 

During our journey, we have received many backers' feedbacks and also LOVE. And some are coaches and psychologists. We are glad that some are interested in promoting Mover and even include our kits into their system. We also received many messages filled with passion and enthusiasm.

If we are going to expand, why don't we seek out to those who originally believed in Mover and made it a reality? 

We are planning a profit sharing program. 

Where you can get a 10% of sales revenue attributed to you. We can generate a link for you to be put on your Youtube Video or other media platform if you love using Mover and would like to share it. And if you are interested in reselling Mover, you are also welcome to be our reseller. 

Here is a form if you are interested in helping us bring Mover to the world. 

***Click here*** 

Until next time! Do send us messages through Instagram or Facebook! We love talking with backers :)

***click here for our instagram***

Exciting Update Teaser~
about 2 months ago – Tue, Jan 07, 2020 at 01:37:51 AM

Hi guys,

Happy 2020! Hope you all have a joyful year coming ahead!

Here is a teaser for an upcoming update. And this update will precisely respond to some of your concerns and wishes collected in the survey as sent before.

The update will be coming in this week or next week.

Stay tuned~